Thursday, September 2, 2010

Summer in London

these days, my heart's been acking while looking through these photos of my time in London. i miss it so much. feelling the rain falling near even though there's sparkling rays of sunlight beeming. catching the crowded and, sometimes, confusing tube. going out every night to Picadilly Circus and just watch the strong colorful lights of the billboards invade the streets, and hear people talking, singing, as if it was a party with no ending at sight. eating a hot and delicious vegetarian miso soup at a restauran in Chinatown. drowning myself in MacDonald's black coffee, which worked miracles on me. i made so many great memories in this place, i wanna cherish them all. i really hope i can go back there someday. that's the only thing i can wish for, for now.

please visit my Flickr to see more pictures i took back in London